Space Ping Pong

Space Ping Pong

Great Pong! clone set in space


  • Faithful reproduction of the original
  • Easy and free to play
  • Good sound effects


  • No mouse support

Very good

I've lost count of the number of Pong! clones that have been released since the 1970's original but there's no denying that it's classic appeal lives on.

Space Ping Pong is another remake of the classic but with a "twist" - it's set in space. Space Ping Pong doesn't require any installation so you're up and running very quickly. There is no mouse port available so it's keyboard or joystick only - the left and right arrow keys and the space bar to select. You can choose to play against the CPU or against a friend although playing two people on one keyboard would be a bit tricky.

You can then select how many points you want to go up to - in this free version you can only play up to 7 but in the full version you can play up to 15 or 21. The gameplay in Space Ping Pong is exactly like Pong! - move your paddle from side to side to deflect the ball. As you progress, the ball moves rapidly faster until you can barely see it flashing across the screen - playing against the CPU is therefore almost impossible. The sound effects and graphics are zappy and spacey although this is obviously not a game you play for the graphics!

Space Ping Pong is an excellent remake of the original and it's all for free - get paddling and roll back the years.

Space Ping Pong


Space Ping Pong

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